Happily Ever After is the fanlisting for the Animal Crossing series listed at The Fanlistings Network. When I was cleaning up my joined fanlistings, I noticed that there still wasn't a new fanlisting for this series and decided to apply because it's one of my favorite game series! This fanlisting was opened on April 2, 2020.

When I think of Animal Crossing, I think of an enchanting world full of wonderful villagers and whimsy reminds me of a lot of the happier. The phrase "happily ever after" is a phrase associated with fairy tales, most particularly the ending. Trying to decide on a name, I kept coming back to the concept of fairy tales (even considered simply naming the fanlisting that.) While the games have no particular ending (credits will roll, but you can continue your life after), it's nice to think about how the villagers can all live happily together in their village forever (or until you stop playing).


The images used in the header are all from the official Animal Crossing: New Horizons website and other images were obtained from the Animal Crossing Wiki and by Previous on The Spriter's Resource. Fonts used are Cratti by Fadhil Aqsa and Baloo Thambi 2 by Ek Type.

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